Remember our troops 

So while the girls had gymnastics I decided to do a quick run, well today it was more of a jog ish because I am recovering from a pulled calf muscle. Anyhow.. I ran past this plane, which made me think of my oldest son who is a police officer in the Army (Hooah #proudarmymom). We shall all remember our soldiers that are unable to be with family because they are serving our country.


A quick trip to the store with 5 little kids (ages 6,5,4,3,1) in tow is quite the adventure so you can only imagine a weekend trip to Disneyland.

My husband and I are huge Disney fans and have been annual pass holders since 2009. We have continued our trips to Disneyland, just adjusted them to include any children that may have entered or left our home.

Now with the permanency of adoption we have our trip chaos down to a science (just kidding). We have been told many times our kids are “So well behaved”, yet we still know they are kids. They want to touch, taste and see everything. They have little patience and almost no sense of personal space, which makes the long lines extra fun.

However even with the unpredictable moods of our 5 little kids we always have a great time making memories.


So I have been told I should write a blog. I’ve always been hesitant because I’ve never thought of myself as having a lot to contribute to the blogging world. I’m still not sure about it, but figure even if no one reads it, I can use it as a way to pass the time.